PREA Quarterly – Fall 2023

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Multifamily Property Expenses Rising Rapidly, Led by Insurance (Online Readable Version)
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Paul Fiorilla, Yardi Matrix

The Capital Stack for Multifamily Development (Online Readable Version)
> PDF 
Tom McCahill and Joe Chickey, Forum Capital Advisors LLC

Demographics: A Key Driver of Housing Demand (Online Readable Version)
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Bryan Lawrence, John Burns Research and Consulting

Who Blinks First? The Expectations Gap Between Buyers and Sellers (Online Readable Version)
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Jim Costello, Alexis Maltin, Bryan Reid, and Willem Vlaming, MSCI Real Assets Research

Point of View 

Academics Question the Value of Private Real Estate Funds: What’s An Investor to Do? (Online Readable Version)
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William Maher and Taylor Mammen, RCLCO Fund Advisors


Chair's Report (Online Readable Version)
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Manuel Casanga, New York State Common Fund

Research Insights
Increasing Insurance Costs for Multifamily Vary by Location, Asset Type, and Affordability (Online Readable Version)
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Greg MacKinnon, PREA

Debt Markets
CRE Debt Market: “Survive Until ’25” Emerges as a Theme Among Lenders Facing Dual Threats of High Rates and Maturities 
(Online Readable Version)
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Kevin Fagan, Moody’s Analytics

Real Estate Securities 
Public and Private Real Estate: Divergence, Resurgence, and Convergence 
(Online Readable Version)
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Edward F. Pierzak, Nareit 

Global Markets
Global Capital Flows Are Slowing 
(Online Readable Version)
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Aaron Jodka, Colliers

Regulatory Update
What Do the SEC’s New Private Fund Rules Mean for Real Estate Fund Managers? 
(Online Readable Version)
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James Alford, Adam Kanter, and Elizabeth McClain, Mayer Brown LLP

A Capital Markets Conversation: What Is EMEA Thinking?
 (Online Readable Version)
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Matt Hersey, Barbara Maltha, Jonathan Read, Rima Batal, Hodes Weill & Associates

Data Centers Are Here to Stay: Technological Innovation Serves As a Tailwind for the Current Thriving Sector
 (Online Readable Version)
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Casey Miller, Principal Real Estate

2023 Toigo Fellows
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PREA Foundation 
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New Members 
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