Advertising Information

The PREA Quarterly is a members' forum for exchanging information, keeping up to date on the latest industry trends, and tapping into resources which help them realize their objectives. This is a perfect opportunity for your organization to reach this selective audience.

Advertising in The PREA Quarterly offers these unique benefits:

  • Members' only publication
  • Advertising opportunities are limited to member firms only
  • Frequency discounts
  • Leading decision makers from the plan sponsor and investment manager communities read the Quarterly so your ad is seen by those you wish to reach
  • You will have access to additional opportunities to advertise in specialized industry journals and publications

For more information, contact:

Alex Reegan
Advertising & Reprint Services Consultant

Click Here to download the Media Kit in PDF format.

Did you know?

Advertising opportunities in the Quarterly are flexible, ranging in size from a quarter page to a two-page spread. They may be run in a variety of color formats and distributed in a single issue or throughout the year. Details are available in the Media Kit.


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