Membership Policies

The Pension Real Estate Association’s membership is comprised of more than 700 corporate member firms representing more than 3,200 individuals worldwide. As a leading non-profit trade association for the global institutional real estate investment industry, PREA provides an objective platform for education, research initiatives, membership interaction and the exchange of information. In fulfilling that role and to promote high standards of industry practice and professionalism, PREA is committed to promoting interaction among its members and with the industry and the public with the highest degree of respect and integrity.

In carrying out our commitment to our members, the industry and the public, we ask our members to help us achieve the following policy goals:

  • PREA endeavors to maintain a membership constituency reflective of the industry which we serve, carefully tracking the balance between investors, investment managers and others. We encourage and rely on our members to assist us in our efforts to ensure all constituencies are fairly represented.
  • PREA serves a globally diverse industry. As such, we strive to represent the industry with diversity and inclusiveness as a priority in all of our business operations, activities, educational opportunities and member engagements.
  • PREA is a volunteer-driven organization that relies on its members' leadership and guidance. It is imperative that members strongly support PREA's educational mission and fulfill their obligations when volunteering to serve the organization in any capacity.
  • PREA works diligently with its conference planning committee and designated event chairpersons to develop conferences and events that are timely and relevant, engaging speakers who have specific expertise to the topics discussed. In working towards that goal, we actively solicit suggestions from our members for speakers and topics that best represent the expertise, experience and diversity of the industry in which we all participate.
  • PREA members are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times during conferences, meetings and events.
  • PREA has instituted a “no-marketing” policy in the conduct of all conferences and other events. Accordingly, members are asked to exercise good judgment during all PREA conferences and events to avoid behaviors that could be construed as unwanted marketing of products or services.


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