PREA Quarterly – Winter 2024

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Real Estate Valuations Overview (Online Readable Version)
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Daniel O’Connell, The Townsend Group 

Negative Fundraising: Redemption Queues in Open-End Commingled Funds (Online Readable Version)
> PDF 
Rob Kochis and Nick Moné, The Townsend Group

The Long Good Buy: Successfully Redeploying in Today’s Market (Online Readable Version)
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Alfonso Munk, Hines

Transforming the Real Estate Life Cycle With Artificial Intelligence (Online Readable Version)
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Gordon Dolven and Josh Ruttner, CBRE


Chair's Report (Online Readable Version) 
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Manuel Casanga, New York State Common Fund

Research Insights
Measuring Risk in Private Real Estate: How Much Uncertainty Is There Right Now? (Online Readable Version)
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Greg MacKinnon, PREA

Demographic and Enrollment Trends Are Changing the US Student Housing Sector Landscape 
(Online Readable Version)
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Josh Scoville and Erik Thomas, Hines

Global Markets
The Pitfalls of “Peak-to-Trough” Thinking: Going Beyond Heuristics to Find Relative Value in Global Real Estate 
(Online Readable Version)
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Brian Klinksiek, LaSalle

Real Estate Securities 
Hike, Stop, and Bounce: REIT Performance After Monetary Policy Tightening Ends 
(Online Readable Version)
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Edward F. Pierzak, Nareit 

Debt Markets
Stability and Resilience in Uncertain Times: The Strategic Role of Core Real Estate Debt in Fixed Income Portfolios 
(Online Readable Version)
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Henri Vuong, PGIM Real Estate

Regulatory Update
Impacts the SEC’s Private Funds Rules Will Have on Sponsors Specializing in Real Estate Assets 
(Online Readable Version)
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Peter Keffer, Max Rosenberg, Josh Sternoff, and Ryan Swan, Paul Hastings

PREA Affinity Group Program (Online Readable Version)
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2024 John Koza Fellows (Online Readable Version)
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PREA Foundation 
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New Members 
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