Publications Committee

Committee Chair

Adam Ruggiero
MetLife Investment Management


Committee Members

Roman Bas
The Carlyle Group

Timothy Brosnan
LBA Realty

Joe Chickey, Jr.
Forum Capital Advisors

Paul Fiorilla
Yardi Matrix

John Gochberg

Lukas Gregg
Bain Capital


Hans Nordby
Lionstone Investments

Wendy Piergolam
Citco Fund Services (USA) Inc

J.P. Rachmaninoff
Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System

Dev Subhash
StepStone Group 

Wilford Wong
Utah Retirement Systems

Nathan Zinn
CBRE Investment Management



The Publications Committee will generate strategy for and assist in producing one or more high quality print and electronic publications in support of the educational mission and goals of PREA.  Currently, the primary publication under subject to the guidance of the Publications Committee is the PREA Quarterly.


The Publications Committee shall be chaired by a Chairperson selected by the president.  The committee is currently comprised of twelve (12) members but membership may range between ten (10) and fifteen (15) from time to time as determined by the Chairperson by the president.  The committee shall be representative of the underlying mix of PREA’s membership and shall include, at least one representative from the Institutional Investor Council and one representative who is a current or former participant in the John W. Koza Leadership Program.  The IIC representative, the Koza representative and all other members of the committee shall be selected by the president in consultation with the Chairperson. The Publications Committee will have oversight for any additional sub-committees that may be formed in relation to future publications and the president will confer with the Chairperson of the Publications Committee in appointing the chairperson and committee members for any such sub-committees. 



  • Committee Chairperson will serve a term of two years; provided that such term may be extended at the president's discretion.
  • Members of the committee will serve staggered three-year terms.  Members shall generally not serve more than two (2) consecutive two year terms.       



  • Responsible for developing ideas for editorial content of existing publications

  • Serve as a network for potential writers and/or interviewees

  • Assess the needs of the general membership for additional print and electronic publications

  • Evaluate the potential for joint ventures with existing publishing companies and other industry associations for current and new print and electronic publications

  • Work with PREA's editor to develop new initiatives

  • Other, as determined 


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