Resource Library

Compiled jointly by PREA Foundation and the PREA Social Impact Committee, the following list of resources is meant to serve as a starting point for organizations seeking to enhance their programs and outcomes or wishing to support ESG initiatives industry-wide. It can also be a resource for commercial real estate professionals from underserved groups looking to make professional connections and enhance their networks.

To assist users of the list, the focus of each organization listed is indicated using the following general categories:

CRE = commercial real estate industry specifically

RES = general resources and tools

PRO = organizations of practicing industry professionals

INT = interns and internship programs

STU = student/alumni organizations

DEV = development programs for students or other groups

Many of the organizations listed support ESG in many ways and it is difficult for a simple classification system, such as above, to capture all the programs in which they are engaged. We encourage users to explore the links provided below to get a better idea of how each organization is supporting underrepresented groups in the industry.

This list is not all-inclusive and there are likely organizations doing valuable work in ESG that do not appear below. The list will be updated on an ongoing basis; please reach out to with any suggestions of organizations or links that you believe should be included.

The list below is provided for informational purposes only. The list below in no way indicates endorsement of any listed organization by the PREA Foundation, PREA, the PREA Social Impact Committee, or any members or associates of those groups. No effort has been made to verify any information or claims made on the websites listed below. The information below is not intended to provide, and should not be relied upon for, investment advice or recommendations. The information and materials below are provided "as is" and "as available" and as such, neither PREA nor the PREA Foundation warrant the accuracy, adequacy, or completeness of this information and materials and expressly disclaim liability for errors or omissions in this information and materials.


Educational Resources

Diversity Across Multiple Dimensions

Black / African-American

African-American Fraternities & Sororities



Latinx / Hispanic