Social Impact Committee

Committee Co-Chairs

Yvonne Nelson

Jacques Gordon
LaSalle Investment Management

Committee Members

Ivan Barron
PREA Foundation

Christina Chiu
Empire State Realty Trust

Lionel Foster
Camber Creek

Devin Glenn

Deepa Janha
Langdon Park Capital

Danita Johnson
Maryland State Retirement and 
Pension System

Heather Meyerdirk


Rachel Mavrothalasitis
Turner Impact Capital

Kaylee McCall Correa

Meagan Nichols
Goldman Sachs Asset Management

Jennifer Stevens
Alliance Global Advisors

Suzanne West
Epic Advisory

Kenneth M. Wisdom
Portfolio Advisors, LLC




The PREA Social Impact Committee will, in conjunction with PREA staff, work to keep PREA members informed about social issues in commercial real estate investment, including definitions and current issues, risks, benefits, measurement, and any other relevant issues at the discretion of the committee. Issues to be addressed may include diversity and inclusion, community impact, stakeholder relations, health and safety, human rights and labor standards, tenant amenities, controversial tenants, and any other relevant issues at the discretion of the committee.



The PREA Social Impact Committee shall be comprised of approximately ten individuals, including two co-chairs of the committee. In addition to the ten individuals, the Executive Director of the PREA Foundation shall serve as an ex officio member of the committee. Best efforts will be made to create a committee that is diverse by gender and cultural identity, and include members from institutional investors, investment managers, consultants and, when appropriate, academics.



  • Members will serve staggered three year terms, renewable once.
  • Co-chairs shall serve three years as chair and the terms as co-chairs is not renewable (although they may renew as members of the committee).



  • Work to educate the PREA membership on social issues in commercial real estate investment.
  • The committee will work with PREA to promote the incorporation of social considerations in real estate investments, while acknowledging the importance of the financial performance of investments.
  • When appropriate, the committee may recommend best practices or provide examples to the broader membership of successful incorporation of social issues into real estate investments at either the portfolio or asset level.
  • When dealing with issues of diversity and inclusion within the real estate investment management industry, the committee will coordinate with the PREA Foundation to ensure no redundant efforts.




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