Governance Committee

Committee Co-Chairs

Jamie Behar

David Sherman
BGO Strategic Capital Partners

Committee Members

Cia Buckley
Dune Real Estate Partners

Heather Fernstrom Border
Alliance Global Advisors

Christy Fields
Meketa Investment Group, Inc.

Engy Gadelmawla
Almanac Realty Investors

Andrew Ierardi
Exelon Corporation

Nicholas Macrae
Woodbourne Canada Management Inc.

Mitch Pleis

Christina Scarlato
The World Bank



The PREA Governance Committee will, in conjunction with PREA staff, work to keep PREA members informed about good governance in commercial real estate investment, including governance of private equity real estate funds and similar investment vehicles. This may include the structure and composition of governing bodies, ethics within the real estate investment management industry, appropriate governance for ESG programs in real estate investment, and other relevant issues at the discretion the committee. The committee may, at its discretion, consider the effects of the legal or regulatory environment when relevant to its overall mission, but is not a source of legal opinions.



The PREA Governance Committee shall be comprised of approximately ten individuals, including two co-chairs of the committee. Best efforts will be made to create a committee that is diverse by gender and cultural identity, and include members from institutional investors, investment managers, consultants and, when appropriate, academics.



  • Members will serve staggered three year terms, renewable once.
  • Co-chairs shall serve three years as chair and the terms as co-chairs is not renewable (although they may renew as members of the committee).



  • The committee will work with PREA to define and promote good governance in real estate investment.
  • When appropriate, the committee may recommend best practices or provide examples to the broader membership of good governance structures or strategies.
  • If addressing appropriate governance for ESG in real estate investing, the committee will work in conjunction with the PREA Environmental Committee and PREA Social Impact Committee.




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