Conference Committee

Committee Chair:

Chris Miers
Prime Finance

Committee Members:

Amachie Ackah
Clay Cove Capital, LLC

W. Jeffrey Beckham

Philip Belling
LBA Realty

Stuart Bernstein
CapRidge Partners, LLC

Christy Gahr

Steve Guberer
Grosvenor Americas

Alison Hawkins
Artemis Real Estate Partners

Matthew Holberton
Crow Holdings Capital Partners LLC

Sonny Kalsi

Steve Muenzen

Clyde Robinson
ASB Real Estate Investments

Andie Scanlan

Manoj Vasudevan
KAUST Investment Management Company



The Conference Committee will be responsible for the spring and fall conference programs that align with the educational mission and goals of PREA.  The Committee will choose the chairs for each conference and assist in the formulation and arranging of panel members and speakers.



The committee will be comprised of approximately fifteen members. The committee size may change from time to time in order to reflect the composition of the PREA membership. The exact size of the committee will be determined by the president. Participants will include of a Chair (which may be either a board or non-board member) along with other members who have a strong interest in education and research; one of which will be a member of the PREA Institutional Investor Council and one a Koza Fellow.



  • Committee Chairperson will serve a term of two years or more at the president's discretion

  • Members of the committee will serve two-year terms on a staggered basis



  • Establish general themes for spring and fall conference

  • Develop program topics

  • Recommend to the president a program format, moderators and speakers

  • Assess the strengths and weaknesses of the program and speakers after each conference

  • Send out an annual email soliciting direct input from the membership

  • Committee Chair will attend an annual “in person” meeting with other Committee Chairs

  • Other, as determined


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TA Realty